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Thread: A few questions 6 months after having 3000 grafts fue hair transplant

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    A few questions 6 months after having 3000 grafts fue hair transplant

    Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this thread. This is my first post on here.

    Im a 37 year old guy who didnt take any medication or treatments before my transplant.

    I had a 3000 graft fue hair transplant in late july last year {2012} I had most of it done on the crown and also at the front around the about 6 months on Im noticing some growth {mostly around the crown}...the front around the temples has more growth one one side than the other but Ive read that growth in certain areas/sides of the head can take longer than others. Im hoping for quite a bit more growth in the future.

    I have a few questions regarding the medicine I was prescribed to take for the 6 months after the transplant. Ive been taking: finasteride, keraglo men/forte, and minoxidil 5%.

    I am almost finishing my medication. Is it a wise idea to continue to take finasteride,keraglo men and minoxidil?

    Am I going to be taking them for the rest of my life?

    I brought 1 bottle of minoxidil {MINOXIDIL 5% SPECTRAL.MX5 from DS Laboraties} just in case I run out but noticed it says its only for use on the crown/vertex...can I mix one type of minoxidil for the crown/vertex then use another type which is suitable for the frontal head/temples? or is that a silly idea?

    Thanks for any answers or advice..I appreciate it.

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    If you still have natural exisitng hair that is subject to future loss, and many of us do, that is why the continuance of finasteride and minoxidil is highly recommended, and yes, for the rest of your life unless some other clinical cure for MPB occurs. You do not need these hairloss meds for the transplanted hair providing that hair is "terminal" (non DHT receptive) and harvested from your "safe zone".

    I am not a big fan of the other supplements because there is no real clinical or emperical evidence to support its continued use. Yet I always recommend that the patient follow their respective doctor's advice.

    In the same vein, I know of no meaningful evidence that any minoxidil based product proves efficient in the frontal core region of the scalp. Still, I have seen pics of some guys who started growing hair on their forehead, ears, etc after applying minoxidil to the frontal zone. Some guys swear by it. My thoughts? If it works for you, great.

    My conclusion is that those products that "claim" efficiency without the proof in the pudding so-to-speak are more marketing driven.

    My sincere best wishes to you as your procedure matures!

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    Thanks very much for the advice..I really appreciate it!
    All the very best.

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    You're very welcome and keep us in the loop as your FUE procedure matures.

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