I have a few questions regarding my hair transplant that I had roughly a month ago on January the 8th. I had grafts placed via FUT onto a scar on the back of my head and have since then gone through everything from shock loss, which as far as I can tell what thankfully minimal, to bad scabbing. My main issue was the heavy shedding that began happening all over my head but thankfully that stopped. Throughout it all I've found that you guys have been able to help me extensively through a lot of it and have in addition provided me with a wealth of information that has kept me well informed and on top of both my donor scar and recipient area. Anyway, I've returned to ask a few more questions:

1. It normal to still have hair grafts in the recipient area? My scar on the back of my head (which I got from an accident, not a previous hair transplant) is currently still covered in a number of hair transplant hairs. They feel like short hairs, sometimes porcupine..ish but have felt soft after a shower, and my roommate says they've even grown. I personally can't verify if they have or haven't because I obviously can't see the back of my head. Are these dead hairs or hairs in the process of growing?

2. I have a pimple back there that appeared roughly 1 month post op that has since shrunk down significantly but I can still feel it back there. Funnily enough my mom was the first one to point it out.

3. My scar, okay, I know this is going to bother some people as it has come to bother me but I had a very small procedure at the expense of a FUT scar. I did roughly over 300 grafts, I say roughly over because the doctor doing the procedure harvested a little over the necessary amount of grafts, I think it was 70ish. When I went to see him about the scar, as I'm extremely worried about it stretching .. I didn't go to them to fix one scar to get another that can be noticed, he said it was healing well and would not be noticed. What do you guys think? This is my first procedure, I'm 21, and it was a small amount of grafts. Will it be tiny or can even it stretch to a ridiculous size that'll be a pain to hide?

4. Should I begin exercising now or should I wait 3 months? I found a lot of mixed answers on this and honestly this has been initially the biggest downside of getting FUT, I say initially because I don't know how my donor scar is going to turn out. People have gone so far as to say that the donor scar won't be safe for up to a YEAR after surgery. I don't know if I could wait that long but it'd keep me weary when doing exercise down the road instead of doing full on ab exercises that'll pull on the area.

I spoke with my doctor about these and he said I could exercise and that my scar looked to be in ideal condition, they closed it with staples, and that it'd be hard to spot down the road. He did however voice concern over growth on my scar tissue but this is something he told me before I even opted to do the procedure. Thanks and sorry for the wall of text.