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Thread: Dr Cole and the use of Acell

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    Dr Cole and the use of Acell

    On Spencer's show last night, 12/11/2012, I started a brief discussion on the chat board regarding Dr. Cole and his use of Acell.
    Ive been following the use of Acell long before it was considered for hair.
    I have educated myself on Acell , its formulation, research and in part, created by Dr. Alan Spievack (RIP-2008).
    Thanks to Joe, he brought up this topic to Spencer on the show.
    Hopefully Spencer will have him on air to discuss further what has been happening at his clinic.
    I think that there are a lot of misconceptions currently on the use of Acell for hair. Applying Acell to the scalp in various ways is relatively still a new treatment. In other words, it is STILL in a trial and error phase of use.
    Dr Cole has clearly updated us on his use of Acell to donor hair areas of the scalp and he certainly is outspoken. That is not necessarily a bad thing at all. By the way, I dont feel he was criticizing Histogen at the ISHRS conference but asking obvious questions that needed to be asked related to Histogen's results thus far.
    In this video you will hear his concise explanation on what has been happening with his use of Acell. It sounds great to me.
    What could be possible? Another way to have unlimited donor hair.
    Dr Cole is impressive. His current regrowth results sound very very promising.
    Thank you Spencer for considering having Dr Cole on the air.
    Thank you Joe for bringing it up.

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    Wow, that was really great. Sound promising

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    Yes I agree i have already messaged Dr Cole's clinic on their website.
    I may be going for consultation there in Atlanta, Georgia once i hear back from them.

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    have you reviewed this site and the videos? I know you dont usually post on the forums, could you add to this at all? After-all you do a lot of research yourself.

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    I have yet to hear back from Dr Cole's clinic, which is Ok. I'm sure that the main reason would be that they are swamped with patients.
    Just to add, Acell is an amazing medical breakthrough. Its application to hair is relatively NEW. Give it time. I feel that Dr Cole may have the medical fortitude to improve upon the application to the donor areas. This will be discussed once he is on Spencer's live show.

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