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Thread: Hair Transplant Prices?

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    Hair Transplant Prices?

    To anyone who has had a hair transplant or knows anything about the pricing. How much do they cost with a 'good' surgeon? Just curious

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    Most repuatble talented surgeons price by the graft and many of them are very closely priced for strip between each other. The average graft price for strip across the board is roughly $4.00 US/North America. The average graft price for FUE taken from the scalp is $8.00 US. BHT can be as high as $18.00US and averages at about $12.00 US.

    Another consideration in the price is the size of the session. For example, many good docs will "tier" their respective graft prices when the count gets above 3,000. In other words, they may charge $4.00 up to 3,000 grafts, then drop it to $3.00 on any grafts above the 3,000 count level.

    The tiered prices can be structered in a variety of ways but the point I am making is that each doctor/clinic can have their own unique price structures and can even be negotiated to some degree depending on each individual doctor/clinic.

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    Hair Transplant Price is different in every clinic. Normal price of hair transplant is inr 30/- per grafts.

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    Now, You can get many of hair transplant clinic and many hair transplants doctors, so a price of hair transplant also different as many clinics, I am leading a hair transplant clinic in India, So that I want to inform you, normal cost of hair transplant with professional surgeon is about inr 30/- per grafts. But you can find the different price as per clinic.

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    The cost of hair transplant may vary according to the clinic or doctors. But you have to choose the better one. Take care.

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