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Thread: My Rahal Experience - 2502 FUE

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    My Rahal Experience - 2502 FUE

    Anybody who has been on these forums for a long time might remember me. I was associated with Dr Rahal for many years as a patient and as a consultant. My procedure with Dr Rahal was in February 2013 and I had 2502 grafts in an FUE procedure.

    Here is my initial thread detailing the experience:

    Pre-op photos (more at link):

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    You look really good! That was a very successful surgery.

    Are you taking finasteride post-op now?

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    Thanks guys!

    I was taking Finasteride once upon a time, for about 7 years. I stopped around 4 years ago and haven't seen any changes since then. If I've lost hair it has been very slow.

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    What are you going to do if it starts receding behind the transplant though? Another surgery?

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    If or when it comes to that, I'll undergo another procedure.

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    Thanks I've seen your post and it's very detailed - the kind of post that potential patients find very helpful. I can't wait to see photos.

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