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Thread: I Cant Decide Almost 3 Years Post Op

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    I Cant Decide Almost 3 Years Post Op

    I figured I would post this pic on a separate thread.

    Here is a pic that my wife snapped the other day. I know its only one angle and kind of dark but I feel this is how my hair looks in most situations. Plus, I have posted many pics on here at various angles so you all know I am not hiding anything Not too bad for a former NW 6 after one procedure

    I know many want me to post pre op pics of my crown now but I just hate looking at (let alone snapping pics of it) it so I would rather wait to post pre and post op pics from the clinic when I go in for round 2. Due to my large melon, the crown area is not as small as I would like. However, I don't think it significantly detracts from my appearance even today.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    lookin good,, so ur crown is completely bald?

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    Actually, I am going for 4000 this round to really take care of things.
    Rahal was even amazed at my scar and it took him a while to find it. It is 1mm wide he said.

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    Not completely bald at all. However, it is larger than I would like

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    i mean given that you were a norweood 6 and you already had 5200 grafts, maybe another 1500-2000 and you should be completly set, hows ur scar? that was prob a pretty big strip they took

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    That honestly doesn't surprise me. I haven't had my hair cut short enough to find my scar in a long time, but when I comb through it really slowly, I can't seem to find mine either......and it's only been 8 months for me.......

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