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Thread: Consultation with Dr. Rahal in NYC?

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    Consultation with Dr. Rahal in NYC?

    Does anyone have information on dates when Dr. Rahal will be visiting his NYC clinic? I was hoping to schedule an in-person consultation.

    Would be willing to make the trek up to his home office, but was hoping to swing by an office that was near my neck of the woods.


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    Call the office. If it isn't soon then just go there because when I scheduled mine last feb, I couldn't get in until October. BTW Rahal is an excellent doctor, Im 4.5 months post op and having great results already. My scar is very very difficult to find also

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    Hi Aubrey, I'm actually almost 8 months out from an FUE procedure with him and my results are unfortunately lacking. I still do think he is a good physician, but really do you research about technique and most importantly who will be working on you, especially if you opt for FUE. Just looking out for you. As far as I'm aware he does not have an NYC office, just makes visits occasionally to see patients. I would call the clinic.

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    Thanks for the response Meridian. I had called his consultation number, but it seems like I'll have better luck calling the clinic.

    It's always good to hear candid feedback on the forum. You're 8 months out of your procedure so hopefully you will continue to see progress over the next 4 - 10 months. Can you expand on your comments regarding the importance of technique and choice of doctor? I agree with your statement, but am interested in your perspective. For reference, I am considering FUT down the road.

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    Sure, happy to help. The industry right now seems to be predominantly moving towards technicians performing FUE extraction. Which leaves the surgeon merely making incisions and of course drawing the hairline design. Some states in the U.S. don't allow this and require doctors to perform the extractions. Many well known FUE clinics, even the ones with good reputations, do however use techs for extractions. (As far as technique is concerned: time out of body, punch size, motorized vs manual, storage solution, acell/ prp - that's another issue). Dr. Rahal is a very smart physician and I've consistently seen great FUT results from him. But when a tech is performing the bulk of the heavy lifting, so to speak, during the phase where the grafts can be most easily damaged, there is much more of a gamble involved. The other important thing to note: FUE is not a scarless concealable procedure and unfortunately I suffered a fair bit of donor shock loss, some of which has not returned yet. One thing I can say is that the post-op follow up care from his clinic will be fantastic.

    I hope that helps, though I know you were considering FUT, which in the hands of Dr. Rahal I'm sure will turn out very well.

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    That definitely helps, thank you.

    May I ask why you elected for FUE over strip? Was it scar, preference to wear hair short...something else?

    Have you experienced any shock in / near your recipient site?

    Separately, it seems like there are differing views on PRP. Do you have a view on this?

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    I chose FUE because I really didn't want the linear scar, but if I had to do it over again, I would probably get the scar to reduce risk of transection.

    As for PRP, I have no personal experience with it. Some say they've seen changes in density for the better, but others seem to react poorly and go through a telogen effluvium shed.There's more concrete science behind Acell. But you have to remember, this seems to be the case with all treatments. Minoxidil, finasteride, laser, etc. Some say it helps, some say it destroyed their hair. This whole thing is a personal trial and error game until something more ubiquitous hits the market. Propecia as the best line of defense in 2016 is really embarrassing as far as progress goes.

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    They still have my pre op and post op photos, Ill try to have them emailed to me. As for what meridian said about techs doing the heavy lifting, this is true but once I saw how it was done it made me feel a lot better. Most of the procedure is absolutely tedious. I went in at 6am and left at like 5pm so if he did everything himself it would take forever and probably drop in quality due to complacency. He really is an awesome doctor

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    Hey meridian! Sorry to hear that you're bit dissapointed about the results. How many grafts? I'm seriously considering going with dr rahal... Appreciate any feedback

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