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Thread: 2987 grafts with Dr. Lupanzula

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    2987 grafts with Dr. Lupanzula

    Hi Everyone!

    I just came back from my surgery with Dr.Lupanzula and his crew.

    I have done two hair transplantats with Dr.Keser in the past, one just a year ago.

    The goal with this third and hopefully last transplant was to add temple points and fill in the mid-scalp that have been thinning out over the last 6 years not using meds, made evident too me when shaving for my last hair transplantat, and of course my sensitive barber also pointed it out . Im now on medication(fin) since a year back and actually going to try topical finasteride 1% that Lupanzula gave to me, hoping for less side effects.

    My total graft count as of now is 6543 FUE grafts.
    Lupanzula told me my donor was extraordinary thick leaving me with additional 2-3k grafts in the bank for future transplant if needed.

    I have only good things to say about Dr Lupanzula and his crew. Very professional, kind and effective. Dr Lupanzula does all the extraction and incisions by himself leaving the placing of the grafts to his technicians. They are very helpful, welcoming and responding and im very happy with the work. looks really clean and im hopping for great results.

    The graft counts:
    932 singles
    933 doubles
    965 triples
    152 quardruple
    5 quintpule

    I cant figure out how to upload pictures here, tried the "manage attachments" but i couldnt upload one singel picutre let alone many at the same time.

    so here it is
    (for 30 days)

    Going to keep you guys updated in the process. feel free to ask me any questions!

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    The link doesn't work

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