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Thread: FUE decision 5 - 10 - 15 years post op

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    Lightbulb FUE decision 5 - 10 - 15 years post op

    Hi guys, let me quickly introduce myself. I am a 30 year old male experiencing hair loss in the temple region. Fortunately I am able to cover it up with my hair style and my slightly curly hair. However, I'd like to be able to rock some different hairstyles and therefore am considering to get the temples filled. I have visited dr Feriduni who pictured me as a perfect FUE candidate: loads of donor hair of a high quality. Also I think my hair loss has stabalized since a while now. I sort of have the same hairline as my 67 year old father. Results that dr Feriduni has shown me of similar cases are impressive. However, I am having difficulties pulling the trigger for mainly one reason I hope you guys can shed some light on:

    I am never seeing stories of how FUE hair transplants look in 5, 10 or 15 years. The transplanted hairs are permanent right? So basically I am committing for LIFE. It is natural that the rest of your hair can thin out over the years, will the transplanted hair thin naturally with the rest of the hairs as well (assuming there is not complete new balding, just thinning). If not, this will give a strange look.

    Is it common that one has only one HT over the course of his life, or will you need to follow up every 5 or 10 years to correct? Of course no-one can predict future hair loss, but I am really scared about the long term. I do not want a shortterm nice look which will look aweful in the future. I'd love to hear your perspective on this.

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    Too many variables in this game, but there are averages. Average seems to be if you get one transplant, odds are you will need another at some point down the road. Especially if you're younger. A lot also depends on how proactive you are in protecting the hair you have. As to why you don't see updates years and years after? Well personally I think the people happy with their results want to put this behind them and those unhappy give up/move on. I've seen a few logs 5-10 years after where the person maintained what they got and logs where they ended up big time regretting it. My advice would be to act conservatively if you decide to move forward.

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    For what its worth I had a FUE transplant 7 years ago and hairs are still looking as they did. If they do thin slightly with older age I can deal with that a lot easier. E.g Arnold Schwarzenegger's hair today is thinning out and he's had surgery

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    Great question! Whether or not you have FUT or FUE you MUST have a long term plan. Lots of guys blast through 5k grafts in 1 procedure, not realizing they may need a 2nd or 3rd procedure in years to come and have totally used up their donor.

    I think that, in most cases, a well planned out HT, with a good master plan, can last a lifetime. I worry about these guys who use a ton of grafts to fill in their front hairline and temples with no thought to the thousands of grafts they may need to fill in the top of their head in year to come.

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