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Thread: FUE into scar and repair

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    FUE into scar and repair

    Has anyone gotten a scar revision with Dr Wolf? Id like to see some pics...Also, Id like to see before and afters of people who have FUE into scars and any stories etc

    Private msg me if anyone is okay with discussiong their situation with me...

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    Go to for some guys that have gotten FUE's in...
    Met feller, wasnt the most compassionate guy...all these doctors really suck when it comes down to it..Dr Wolf SUPPOSEDLY gets ok results from revisions but when it comes down to it, its not guaranteed.
    Our BEST bet right now, is wait for Juvista to come out or haircloning..or shave down...Ive talked to a few guys that have shaved and most are VERY VERY happy they did...Its not an easy way out, but there is no easy way out, we're screwed no thanks to these as*hole doctors and this industry'

    Beware though...all these sites are full of doctors and marketers just trying to get your money and brainwash you

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    Hi Just-a-guy,

    I'm also in the situation of needing scar revision or FUE into scars. I will prob go for the FUE method. The only example, I know of FUE into scars, is Spex, which was performed by Dr Feller. If there are other people who have gotten it done, I would sure like to hear from them.

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    I understand, just like me you have been researching scar revision. Have you made a de cision yet ? Hvae you had any other consults in person ?


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    No, my reaction is that of a formerly overly self conscious, insecure person, who has awoken to the rest of the world's reality, that no one gives a crap whether you receed or lose your hair...

    In today's world its a LOT cooler , and more possible to be "attractive" with a short haircut or shaved head then a HT that you need to maintain and keep up with for the rest of your life, with limited donor hair, with scar stretching (and the possibilities of worsening of the scar stretching with each procedure), a scar that is there for life, pitting or pitting possibilities.

    Even a "good" HT, is still ridiculous and not normal looking. Go on some of these sites at the top docs and look at the patients they are most proud of to most case 90% or more, the final results is still a receeding hairline...and in 5-10 years they will lose more hair and will be forced to get cut open again and again

    I recently woke up to this superficial scam we fell for, while other smarter more confident guys shaved down or crop their hair and still get girls, have confidence and get over their insecurities

    All these sites are run by docs...wake up people...It took me too long to do so unfortunately.

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    I'll admit that at first I debated even responding to you as your comments sounded almost irrational to the point that you are just looking for a fight. But then I thought - what if you are genuine and what if others get misled by your statements. So, here is my response.

    A hair transplant is NOT a scam and it can be a wonderful thing. There is one condition - it has to be performed by a top quality doctor.

    You mention that it's cooler to be bald than to have a full head of hair? WOW - never knew that. Some people can pull off the shaved head look and be fine with it, but others - like myself - love the idea of 'not aging' (at least my hair not aging) and know that we look better with hair. Choice is a wonderful thing!

    You mention "a HT that (is something) you need to maintain and keep up with for the rest of your life". In actuality, a HT moves permanent hair from the sides and back of your head to the front and crown. This requires no further maintenance or upkeep. A HT is not a 'weave', 'fusion matrix', 'hairpiece' which requires daily, monthly, annual, etc. upkeep. It's a permanent procedure. I'd recommend Propecia or Rogaine for those who are thinning or want to prevent future loss, though, in addition to a HT.

    You also mention "scar stretching". If a person has a HT today with the tricho closure, there is virtually no scar to speak of. Further, if one is careful following the HT (ie. not doing deadlifts a couple weeks after a procedure), then the scar will not stretch and get worse. In fact, my scar got better with my recent HT as the old Bosley scar was removed and replaced with a Tricho Closure. I'm very pleased thus far.

    You continue... "even a good HT is still ridiculous and not normal looking". Again, you are mistaken here. An 'acceptable' HT is a HT that grows hair and a 'good' HT is one which is mostly unnoticeable. But this is not the standard that is sought after on this site. A great or ideal HT is one that is so good that you would have NO idea that it was a HT. HT's from the top Doctors are now that good. Look at Futzyhead's images. There is no way you could ever describe that as a recognizable HT. Never.

    You continue, "The final results (are) still a receding hairline". Of course they are still receding. A HT is permanent hair and will not recede over time as most normal hairlines do. Thus, to ensure they look as natural when the patient is 25 as 55 as 75, there is some recession built into the HT procedure. This can still look amazing and each person is judged individually.

    Okay - that's all for now. Seriously, Just-a-Guy, you need to forget the HT's from the 80's and any Bosley / MHR , etc. HT outfit. The new state-of-the-art locations (ie. Shapiro, H&W, etc. as listed in the Coalition on this site) are TOP QUALITY. There is no pitting, obvious hairlines, etc.

    Hope this clears up any confusion.

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    You're negative reaction to HT's sounds typical of someone having received a bad HT from a mediocre doctor. Is this the case? i.e. was it performed by someone outside the coalition?

    Its just that even without the result, I still feel happy that I had a HT knowing that I will finally no longer have an obvious receeded hairline that I have been self conscience about for the last 4-5 years. Unfortunately like many I have shaved down before my HT - Unfortunately I do not look good without hair so the HT is really the only route for me to be happy with my hair.

    Also going to a doctor like Ron Shapiro my concerns about a Bad or noticeable HT were never an issue. He also considers your future loss and will tell you what can be achieved with your limited donor supply in the future depending on what NW you will get to in the end. So my future looks bright even from day 1 after my HT.

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    Scar and HT repairs are performed routinely by most top surgeons I know that Ron Shapiro also specializes in repair work. I would ask for a consult from the top doctors near your area for their advice.

    Spex has a very detailed website of his experience and scar revision which you can view here:

    There are typically two ways to repair a scar, One way is to add grafts into the scar to camoflague it while the other is to have another donor strip removed that contains the scar and seal it off with a tricho closure. The advantage of the later method being that you will have some grafts left over to transplant should you need to.

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