36 year old patient, elected for a strip surgery to restore hairline and add to temple points to balance out framing and proportions.
The photos, are pre, one day post and 12 months post surgery (sent by patient as he is from out of town)


Surgery type: FUT
Recipient Area size:91 cm
Zones Treated:1-4 and temples
Grafts transplanted:3977
Total Hairs transplanted:8215 Hairs
Hairs per Graft:2.067 Hairs/graft
Recipient Graft Density:43.7 grafts/cm
Recipient Hair Density:90.27 hairs/cm

Graft Breakdown:
Single Hairs: 932 Grafts
Two Hairs:2138 Grafts
Three Hairs:921 Grafts
Four hairs:86 Grafts
Total Grafts:3977 grafts
Total Hairs:8215 Hairs
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