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Thread: Six Months After (Photos) - Deciding what to do next...

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    Six Months After (Photos) - Deciding what to do next...

    Hello, I had 1,000 FUE grafts in the temple and frontal hairline areas. It seems like what's going to grow in has already done so, and I don't see any more miniature, fine hairs growing in that might thicken up later on. I definitely need more density, as is clear from the photos.

    I am also unsure whether or not this is really 1,000 grafts, because it doesn't look like it could possibly be 1,000 separate grafts. I thought after the surgery that it look similar to this - too few grafts were placed, that I could see anyway.

    I was/am a Norwood 2. I'm 37, and my hair has been stable since my early 20s. I want a Norwood 1 hairline with temple closure. Since I'm at the six month mark, I need to decide if it's time to seek consultations, or if I need more time to see if more hair grows in.

    Please let me know your thoughts based on your knowledge. I would really appreciate it.
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    Does not look too bad. Who was your hair transplant Doctor? I would wait at least a year before you decide to doing anything else. I think some on here may say a guy your age should not be looking for a perfect NW1 with temple closure. However, I would want the same as you do and I am older than you. I think a NW1 looks good on anyone at any age. As a matter of fact, I saw this guy who was 103 years old and he had pretty much a NW1 and a full head of hair and he looked so much younger because of his hair. He hit the genetic jackpot with hair.

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    They were supposed to be singles up front, with two or threes behind, but there are very few singles. Now, to be fair, getting singles on me would require splitting up the follicular unit. I have a lot of follicles growing three or four hairs actually. Now that I've taken the plunge, though, I can see that I will require quite a few more grafts to get a result I'm pleased with. I'm patient, and money isn't the problem. I just need to see who can achieve enough density.

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    looks like the typical result

    the industry is a scam, there are very few doctors that are worth it.

    You may see a little more growth but you are in it for the long haul and money to boot.

    I made the same mistake by getting a hair transplant.

    The best advice I could give you is too late, just don't give these doctors your hard earned cash, hell even if it isn't hard earned spend it on something else then these scam artists

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    I agree. Since my hair was stable since 1998, I figured that this was a reasonable goal. I just need another procedure at least to get there. Many older men are Norwood 1's. Certainly it's a relatively small minority of white men, but I'm OK with appearing to be one of those when the time comes.

    I have to keep in mind that this is the six month mark, and there may be additional changes. Also, the texture of the newer hairs should improve over time. But I can definitely tell I'm going to need another procedure to get the density needed.

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