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Thread: 3 month update Dr. Beehner

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    3 month update Dr. Beehner

    I'm 3 months post-op this week, and wanted to give a quick update....

    First, a personal anecdote. I had been relatively unhappy with my previous position, so I decided to seek another position over the summer, despite the fact that I was going to have my 2nd HT. It turns out that an excellent opportunity opened up, and I got the position. Interviewing was a bit nerve-wracking considering I was only 2 weeks post op, but I apparently still did well. Needless to say, this has consumed the majority of my life over the past few months,thereby enabling the post-op time to pretty much fly by.

    Thus far, I've noticed some 'peach fuzz' popping op within the last week or so. The goal of this procedure (1550 grafts) was to improve density and further augment the hairline (which was much improved during my first procedure).

    Numbness was essentially non-existent beyond the first couple of weeks--it had lasted the first 6 months or so during my first procedure. Pain was more significant this time around, but nothing terrible. The only real issue has been hiding the redness on my right side (the strip was not taken from my left side, as it is pretty thin).

    I'm very excited to see the results in the upcoming months..but also realize that my situation (NW5) likely dictates that 3,300 cumulative grafts won't fully suffice in order to get the coverage I'd like. Coarse hair does work in my favor...but I'll likely need 5, another procedure is likely in the cards. Alas, I should probably stop getting ahead of myself and focus on the upcoming results

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    Thanks for the update!

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    Congrats Pulped! Keep us posted.

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