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Thread: Fantastic result with only 1400 graphs

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    Red face Fantastic result with only 1400 graphs

    A 45 year old male came to Restore hair clinics with Norwood 3 MPB loss. After a discussion regarding family history of hair loss. Dr Reddy found the Hair loss to be stable, and the scalp to be conducive for follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure. This was due to taking a combination regime of finasteride and Minoxidil daily. 1400 graphs where extracted from the patients scalp using a 0.9mm manual punch. Please take a look at the before, during and 9 month post procedure photographs.
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    You sure it was the same person? He went from brown hair to salt-and-pepper LOL

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    In average you need 3000 grafts for best hair transplant result. It also can be 1500-2000 grafts for minimum grafts for the best result of hair transplant. It depends on your case, how much grafts need.

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