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Thread: Dr Koray Erdogan 5500 Graft Asmed

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    Dr Koray Erdogan 5500 Graft Asmed

    Hi Friends

    I want to share my experience ..and give back to this forum and members of this forum who posted there experience as well and helped me with choosing ASMED its my turn now to help others still on the fence waiting wondering

    I am from UK, London, I have been contemplating for an hair transplant for last 5, 6 years and finalised the below Clinic \ Doctors.
    DHI (UK)
    Dr. Koray Erdogan (ASMED)
    Dr. Hakan Doganay
    Dr. Erkan Demirsoy

    Finally decided with Dr. Koray Erdogan because no one could match his results, Also security was a concern but after reaching Istanbul security is no
    more a concern.
    I went on a 6 days Holiday to turkey and combined the Operation (Oct 20th to Oct25th), I stayed
    Oct 20th / Friday
    Met with the Coordinator Sevinc, She was great person and very helpful and not to my expectation,
    ASMED clinic was very Clean, Very modern, it was like a hotel, in fact there was a person Playing piano in the lounge.
    Met with the Doctor , my donor area total was estimated at 9000 graft and he suggested 5000 graft and I requested 5500 to cover my crown
    completely, he agreed, then Payment was done. Head was shaved and we agreed on the hairline.

    Oct 21th and 22nd (sat and Sunday) , I stayed at the Europe side and did sightseeing.

    23rd Monday Operation - Only the Anaesthesia injections were painful, other than that the Operation was just fine.
    Had trouble sleeping that night as I was asked to sleep on the Neck Pillow.

    24rd Tuesday Operation - Again, Only the Anaesthesia injections was painful, other than that the Operation was just fine.
    again sleeping was the only Problem.

    25rd Wednesday - Went to the Hospital and Performed the First wash.

    I started writing this Blog after 20 Days of the Operation, Hair has started to Fall and its very rapid.

    Will Keep Updating my progress and pictures, Hope it benefits

    Thanks to members like Justjax for giving me the confidence.
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    Niiice. Can I ask what you paid? I sent off email for online consultation today. I know he's the best and also the most expensive .

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    Tks, Koray Erdogan charged me 2.5 (2.5*5500 graft) Euros per graft, I know its lot.
    I took close to 2 years for me to finalise Dr. Koray because of the cost.

    Other best doctors in turkey are charging 1 to 1.5 per graft and it through mini motor, I have compared more than 100 results, Mini motor does not provide a decent output.

    These doctors for Manual puch are charging around 2 Euro / Graft, So decided to go with ASMED.

    Hope this helps

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