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Thread: Very satisfied results 6months post surgery with dr Ekrem Civas, Turkey

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    Red face Very satisfied results 6months post surgery with dr Ekrem Civas, Turkey

    I have done a FUT in my homecountry Sweden some 15yeras ago and now it was time for a second surgery as I have lost more hair during the years. I have?nt been able to have a hairstyle for more than 10years so I have kept it 2mm short since. Since I?m a anesthesiologist myself and very concerned I spent almost 1year doing thorough research on different clinics and what surgeon to choose for my upcoming hairtransplant. I ended up with only a handful trusted surgeons worldwide and made my decision to go to Ankara in Turkey and dr Ekrem Civas. Knowing that healthcare and clinics in Turkey are a lot different compared to Scandinavia and our more hospitallike clinics I settled for Civas clinic. Its a small clinic with only one patient a day. Most important reasons I choose this clinic:
    * Only 1 patient a day and you get all the attention this day.
    * Surgeon with good reviews.
    * Surgeon who speaks fluid english and work only with hairtransplants and participates in important worldwide congresses in hairrestoration.
    * The anesthesiamethods used. (dr Civas is very skilled in giving local anestethics in a smooth and not very painful way).
    * The clinic always answeres your questions mailed the same day or day after. They have one single person who fix everything for you, Patricia, and is perfect in english.
    As I?m a professional myself in the operatingroom I would wish surgery to be completed in a more sterile way but its not done this way anywhere in Turkey but I think its acceptable in Civas clinic. The hole anestehesiaprocess is always the worst part my experience but I must say dr Civas did this extremely well with his own technique combined with an oral given sedative. I shaved all my head and had FUE with 3700 grafts (1-3hairs in each). It took some 8hrs and it was a long time lying all completely still and having to watch turkish tv as the staff didnt know english. If its something I would have wished for it is for the hole staff to understand english, not just the surgeon. The surgeon extracted all the grafts and the nurses implanted them after the doctor had made the holes/punches. I thought the surgeon would have done this part to but he didnt but he checked up for me every hour. It was 2-3 nurses implanting the grafts. After procedure I went for dinner as the clinic ordered for me very nicely. Overall I got the feeling that the surgeon and staff cared for me which was very appreciated beeing in a different country faar from home. 1months post surgery I shedded all my transplanted hair in shock loss so I had to wait patiently for about 5months before it started to grow. I have used Minoxidil since 1 month after surgery and will continue. Today Im very satisfied with the result and have decided to do a second FUE with the same surgeon to lower the front hairline a little bit more and to fill the crown as the grafts wasnt enough for this in the first session. I?ve decided to keep my hair in the recipientarea and only shave the giver-area in my next FUE. I want to give my recommendations for this clinic and dr Civas as Im very pleased. This is a doctor who listens to you have all focus on you only. Very important!
    I will post more pics further on.
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    nice result !

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    Dr.Civas is one of my favorite doctor i like them results...

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    Manuel fue or ?

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