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Thread: 7 months and 10 day pictures posted to my blog today

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    7 months and 10 day pictures posted to my blog today

    I got a real hair cut today for the first time since I had a HT. The hair stylist cut it very short. My hair had been long, uneven and unmanageable. I was starting to have some concerns in the last 2 weeks or so. I feel like I have been going through a weird 2 weeks where my hair was thinning or shedding even though I dont see much hair fall out. While I prefer my hair longer I think the hair stylist did me a favor by cutting it so short. This way I can see exactly what hair I do have and what hair I do not have. Having it very long may have covered some things up in misleading way. Hopefully I will get some more growth in the next 4-5 months. I took a mess of pictures. Some in the sunlight/shade outside. Some inside in 2 different rooms. The hair stylist never mentioned anything about a scar nor a hair transplant so that is a good sign. Some pictures in direct sunlight were almost scary but others looked very good so I dont really know what to think. I try to take pictures from each angle. Some pictures are more flattering than others but by posting both flattering and non flattering pictures I'm honest with myself and other people

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    Yeah looking good .
    Is that shock loss on the right side or just the picture?

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    Are you speaking about the picture in the sun? Or in general on the right? I can not really say for sure. I dont know if I had shockloss that did not grow back or not. It may have been like that before.

    Edit: After looking at my web blog my 6 month pics didnt show it as much. This hair stylist cut my hair really short so maybe thats why it shows more.

    Some pictures look bad and some look great. I try to put some of each to be 100% honest. I may be going through a shed. My hair has seemed a little different the last 2 weeks than it did in the prior 6 months.

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    Looking good want!! I like the haircut, but still think that you could have done it yourself for free .

    I do see what you are saying about some pictures looking really good and others you are not as happy with. You definitely have more thickening up that will occur in the next five plus months (you already know that). Some of those pics you can see through the top a little and that is being hyper critical about it; but I do understand what you are talking about.

    I agree with charlie though--you have a full head of hair!!

    Keep thickening and growing buddy!

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    Plan and simple to me Looks like you have a full head of hair

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