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Thread: My wonderfull experience with doctor Feriduni

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    Hereby I would like to inform that I had an FUE hair transplantation with doctor Feriduni in Belgium, back in 2012.

    He and his team were very kind and skillful during the surgery.
    I thank him for the wonderful result and I would recommend him to all balding guys that are looking into a hair transplant

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    Dr. Feriduni is indeed a golden surgeon especially in FUT. Can you share your experience with photos? Seeing is believing

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    He Guys,
    I was happy with the results of Dr. Feriduni, great team!
    However for my next appoitment I have booked with Prohairclinic.
    I have been researching some more on the Dutch forum where Prohairclinic and DR F both have top notch ratings.
    Since Prohair works virtually identical as dr. F (all is done by super assistants) and the costs are much less it was an easy made call.

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