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Thread: Essential instructions for post hair transplant surgery

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    Essential instructions for post hair transplant surgery

    After having the hair transplant surgery, you should follow some instructions specially precautions to make your hair transplant successful.

    * It is strongly recommended not to consume the alcohol up to three days after the hair transplant surgery. As the consumption of alcohol cause the blood thinning and cause bleeding, therefore, the alcohol is prohibited for the person who has got his hair transplant surgery.
    * Don't take the blood-thinning medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamins, as it also causes the blood thinning problem.
    * You should refrain the physical activities like exercises, running, and weight lifting, etc.
    * Don't wash your scalp or the transplanted area up to 24 hours of the hair transplant surgery.
    * Don't the hair products like shampoos, conditioners, etc.

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    1.DO NOT use any aspirin-containing products or drink alcohol for 3-5 days following surgery.
    2. Sleep with your head elevated using two pillows. We expect some oozing from the donor area on the back of your head. We recommend that you protect your pillow with a dark towel.
    3.Do not touch or wash your transplanted area for 24 hours

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