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Thread: My 2,500 grafts FUE procedure with PRP

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    My 2,500 grafts FUE procedure with PRP

    Hi guys!
    I am Milind from Nashik, Maharashtra.
    I want to share my experience…I am 29 years old and have been losing my hair for about 8 years and it has been devastating to me.
    I really happy with the amazing result of hair transplant procedure at Dezire Clinic, Pune. Had a great experience with Dr. Prashant Yadav. I was in conversation with their office before a month and scheduled my 2,500 grafts FUE procedure with PRP on 12/10/2017.
    Before the procedure, Dr. Prashant and I discussed my goals and where I wanted my hairline to be and we were in agreement on that. I was not going for an unrealistic hairline, just a reinforced one which filled in empty spots. He then took my pre-procedure photos and then shaved the back and sides of the head to do the extraction. He then started with the remaining procedure. Only the anaesthesia injections were painful. Other than the operation was just fine.
    So overall I’m really very pleased with my experience with Dr. Prashant and his staff. Staff is really co-operative and professional as well. I did the ton of research before I went with Dr. Prashant and he fits with all my requirements. Thanks to Dezire team for giving me the confidence.
    so take decision if you suffering from hair loss get hair transplant with Doctor Prashant Yadav

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    Nice hear about your hair transplant....Thanks for sharing.

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