Dr. Victor Hasson hair transplant Vancouver.
Megasession 6542 grafts strip.
Norwood 5 patient.
High density hairline design
Near complete restoration.
40 year old patient.
This is a rarely available megasession strip hair transplant result. Patient is from the UK who traveled to Hasson & Wong hair transplant clinic in Vancouver for the amazing transformation.
Like many former patients of H&W, this patient started the journey by signing up for a FREE no obligation online consultation3 on Hasson & Wong website.
This is a life changing procedure for this 40 year old patient who now enjoys life with the appearance of a full head of hair like he used to have when he was in his 20s.
In the patient's own words "the procedure has been a life changing experience. I really cannot justify with words how amazing this procedure has been for me, it has been the best choice I have ever made."
Attachment 138