View Full Version : Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz from AEK Hair Institute, Turkey any success Stories

12-11-2017, 08:28 AM
Hi All,
I am quiet new to this forum as this is my first Thread but not new in terms of reading alot of different threads.
Little bit of my hairloss story:
No one in my family (maternal and paternal) has experienced hairloss i can see my Great grand parents pic all of them had full and thick hair till their 90's and same with my grand parents.
I lost due to stress that i went through , it was just terrible time of my life and the hair loss started after i went through the stressful phase and i have tried everything to stop.
After 2 years of continuous loss finally it has stopped as i have started taking alot of green vegetable some herbal supplement (not Finestride or propecia n will not take them).
So now as my hair line looks bad and mid scalp and vertex need some filling , i thought to search for a hair transplant doctor /clinic. I started searching only IAHRS clinic /doctors in UK Belgium and finally due to my budget started finding some good clinic in Turkey, I sent email with my pics to all of the top clinic and i got different graft estimation and i was very clear that i don't want to get my hair line down just want to repair it.
Some interesting facts :
- Dr koray erdogan = estimated around 4500 Graft Price around 10000 Euro (Extremely shocked with the number of graft and price as i am not Totally Baldhttps://www.baldtruthtalk.com/images/smilies/mad.gifhttps://www.baldtruthtalk.com/images/smilies/mad.gifhttps://www.baldtruthtalk.com/images/smilies/mad.gif)

- Dr Resul Yaman = 3450 Graft = Price 3450 Euro, There is something really attracted me the way he do the surgery , He implant the graft within 15 to 45 min when they are extracted so he takes 1000 to 1500 graft and implant them first and repeat the same so this way the graft are not damaged or will die. He reduce the micro motor speed to minimum as high speed could damage the graft, I even spoke to someone who was his ex patient with good result and he was in many TV channels. All good just one thing bothers me is that his Graft count plus i can see in his video he is punching and extracting hairs without a microscope - hmmmmmm strange!

- Dr Hakan Doganay , 3000 to 3500 Graft price 1.5 euro (approx 6000 euro) , the difference is he use pen injector - out of my range

- Dr ali emre karadeniz AEK institute , 4000-5000 Hairs (NOT graft) price around 3000 Euro , the best thing i found about him is that he does most of the surgery himself and he seems to be very honest , I did ask he assistant about High Speed MicroMotor and graft been kept out long , he did say that is lie about high speed micromotor as it damage hard graft and he is capable to do both manual and micromotor and FUSS (Strip)

So i am soooo Much confuse right now hard to make decision as who to select as my range is not more then 3000 and after watching videos from Joe Tillman (hair transplant Mentor and blogger) i am more likely to make decision by choosing Dr. Ali karadeniz, atleast as i found him honest.

Now i need your help in choosing the best one ! so any one who had did transplant with dr karadeniz or dr Resul Yaman ? please share your experience !