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12-03-2017, 06:14 AM
Hi to everyone! This is my first post and i would like to ask if there's any member in here who have any experience - results with Dr Hakan Doganay?

12-04-2017, 09:15 PM
I will be having a procedure with him in the near future

12-04-2017, 09:16 PM
!!! If you are considering Dr. Hakan Doganay and AHD Clinic in Antalya please read this first!!!

I am a former patient of aforementioned doctor. First, I will sum up my personal opinion of the clinic and the situation they have put me into, then in a later post I will try my best to share my story as detailed as possible. In my opinion choosing him was the worst decision of my life. Though I am greatly influenced emotionally, I will try to be as objective as possible, and let the reader decide whether I am right or wrong. I have created a picasa album where I am documenting everything in detail. (find links below)

A few words about me: I am 26 years old, been dealing with hair loss since I was 18. Hair loss runs in my family, both my brother and my father is Norwood 5-6. I always kept my hair medium-long so I thought I only had a receding hairline. The last few years I was in depression because of my hair loss and thought only getting my hair back could make me happy again. I trusted Dr. Hakan Doganay and AHD Clinic and now I am in worse shape than before, I can back up anything I am stating below:

- I arrived to Dr Hakan Doganay with a receding hairline and he merely looked at my head and did not evaluate my hair loss and miniaturization at all. If he did, it would had become clear that I not only have a receding hairline but a full, advanced norwood 5A-6 balding pattern. If I was told that, I would never had went through with the procedure. I clearly articulated before the procedure that I do not want to take propecia due to sides. We talked about potential future hair loss given my family history, but I was not informed that I am already way down the road. ( I became aware of my hairloss situation when my hair started to grow back postop)

- Dr. Hakan Doganay did not evaluate my donor capacity either. He carelessly drew a new (somewhat low) hairline on my head using up 2500 grafts (for which I already paid for in advance). He did not warn me about my ongoing hair loss, or come up with a conservative game plan for the long term.

- In the IAHRS website it was written that Dr. Hakan Doganay extracts and implants the grafts himself, I only found out later that he uses techs with very little experience do all the extraction and a part of the implantation as well.
[Link removed by moderator - see Terms of Service) ]Dr. Hakan Doganay – Turkey Hair Transplant MD | IAHRS Member[/url]
As people pointed it out, this website is not affiliated with this forum hence I can not make references to it, I did get a link to the clinic's website before the procedure which stated the head technician extracts the grafts and Dr Hakan Doganay implants the hairline. In my case it was not the head technician who extracted the grafts but an ordinary technician and not only Dr Hakan Doganay implanted the hairline but the head technician as well. It was also told me by the clinic retrospectively that the technicians have minimum 4 years experience. - edited 27/10/15

- They may have wasted a number of my grafts and to compensate either harvested more and/or implanted less grafts. I admit, this one claim I cannot prove. However the techs were dropping equipment and cursing during the operation and I have a picture with discarded grafts laying on top of my head. I have uploaded my post-op donor picture and a bunch of post op donor pictures from other clinics’ 2500 graft procedures and compared to them my donor area looks overharvested and thinned out in certain points. In my opinion they either transected a lot of grafts, harvested more or didn’t care about the pattern at all. When I mentioned the donor scarring they told me that after a FUE procedure one should wear its hair at least 1-1,5 cm long to cover it!! To my understanding the very reason of a FUE procedure is to be able to wear my hair 4-5mm long. Anyway, my hair is longer than 1,5 cm and the signs of the scarring is still visible. Anyone can check it and decide.

As people pointed it out I can not substantiate the claim of wasting more than those two grafts that are laying on top of my head-edited 27/10/15

- Upon questioning they told me that they implanted 50 grafts/cm2 (check the pictures to see if that is true) and that they have harvested 2500 grafts (check the pictures if that is true) Upon questioning they told me I have an average donor with 45-50 grafts/cm2, which is a guess at best as they never measured it, and it is way out of the literature which states an average donor is between 65-85 grafts/cm2. If my donor density was in fact 50 grafts/cm2 that would had meant that it was low and I was not suitable for a FUE hair transplant.
Distribution of Human Hair in Follicular Units - ResearchGate (http://www.researchgate.net/publication/12881131_Distribution_of_Human_Hair_in_Follicular_ Units)

- It has been 4 month since the operation and my recipient area never looked good for one minute since. It is red, bumpy with red spots and minimal growth. Moreover, a number of the grafts that were implanted by the tech are misaligned. I have been in contact with the clinic since and all they had to tell me was everything looks fine. To be factual at one point around month 2 after repeatedly asking about folliculitis they recommended me to take antibiotics for 5 days, and when 3 month post-op I was still in bad shape and I told them I am even willing to fly back to Antalya they offered me a prp treatment, an ozone treatment, and some cream and a shampoo for free but it did not improve my situation.

2 weeks ago I got so fed up, I have contacted a trusted hair restoration surgeon and a dermatologist. A bacterial culture was taken from my head which came back positive. I have been prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory cream and for the first time in 4 months I am seeing improvements. My only wish now is to shave my head but I am left with a low, uneven hairline with thinning all over behind it and a badly scarred / overharvested donor.

Preop postop + photos of 2500 graft FUE extraction to compare
(https://picasaweb.google.com/112640619773477959199/PreopPostopPhotosOf2500GraftFUEExtractionToCompare ?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCLvUis_1pbvVtgE&feat=directlink)

Recipient (https://picasaweb.google.com/112640619773477959199/Recipient?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCM6krZuy_qXk9wE&feat=directlink)

Donor (https://picasaweb.google.com/112640619773477959199/Donor?authkey=Gv1sRgCNrgkqyE1YGZEg)

Future balding pattern

I am aware that the full result of a hair transplant can only be seen after 12 months so my situation might improve, however even if I’ll have good growth (which I doubt) I will lose my hair in a norwood 5A-6 pattern very soon and I do not have nearly enough donor to compensate for it.

A number of people will say that 4 months is too early to evaluate a result and I might have shock loss in the donor area, and I just might be a late grower so, to be fair I have created a picasa album where I will document my case from pre-op through the 12 months so anyone can evaluate them himself independently. After 12 month I will shave my head so the donor scarring could be evaluated as well.

However I have reason to believe that the problems I described will remain, as after digging rigorously (which I should have done before) I have found numerous other ex-patents with similar problems and recurring themes, namely:
- poor growth
- bad donor scarring
- misaligned grafts and poor growth on the side where the tech implanted the grafts.

12-05-2017, 08:20 AM
I had my FUE procedure with Dr Hakan Doganay February 2015. So the 6 month mark is coming any day now.

The problem is that there isnt much happening and I my hair is in fact worse now then pre op. I have had some shock loss, and almost none new growth yet.

The pictures i have posted do lie a bit. The pre-op picture looks better then it actually is and the 5.5 month picture looks worse then it is. But it DOESNT change the fact that my hair look worse now then pre-op.

What should I do?


5.5 month mark

12-05-2017, 10:17 AM
I agree with you. I have seen many bad results and experiences from this doctor recently . The OP did a good job listing many relevant posts.
I am troubled by the fact that doctors that are "recommended" seem to always be recommended. It seems there can never be enough proof for anyone. The significance of being "recommended" has therefor diminished so much in my eyes that it is a useless side note IMO . For example, I know of some terrible treatment rendered by Dr. Erdogan to several people yet one would think he has an unblemished record by looking on this site. Nothing seems to really be done even when people complain directly to the site. I would advise everyone to do well beyond the amount of research they think is necessary before choosing a doctor. They should also realize that doctors are here to advertise and do not advertise the bad results ! It is therefor very important for people to discuss their bad experiences even if others attempt to minimize them.

Unfortunately, I have noticed patients seem to be attacked often for a negative post as if they are at fault...either by moderators, representatives, or by other loyal patients. People are therefor ashamed to post bad results. Even when they do, nothing is done. It seems the word of the patient who has had a bad experience is never considered to be the truth as if they cannot somehow accurately document what transpired . A patient has nothing to gain from saying something bad while a doctor has everything to gain by defending themselves against a bad result or a patient's bad review.

The claims the OP made about not being properly examined or having their density properly measured/analyzed is disturbing. It seems one cannot properly even be considered a good candidate or have a plan put in place for the future without having that done. Simply telling a patient they will need a second surgery is not sufficient enough in my opinion to replace a detailed exam. While I do not personally know much about this doctor or the number of surgeries this doctor performs on a given day, I will say that I do feel that other doctors in that area do perform multiple surgeries in one day. IMO , this is becoming a trend that I feel is responsible for many poor and inconsistent results that are often seen.

A patient often books with a doctor based on their name. Sometimes that can even include a statement or video by a doctor showing them personally extracting and placing grafts . Then when the patient arrives for surgery, they realize often during the actual surgery that nearly the entire surgery is performed by techs. To me that is false advertising and is dishonest. Dr Erdogan does this. In the video he uses to advertise and represent himself, he extracts the grafts. In reality, he only makes incisions in the multiple surgeries he is involved in every day. This is simply dishonest IMO and is an advertising ploy. If he advertised the fact that he only makes incisions during his surgeries and does not do extractions or implantations, people would not be nearly as attracted to book with him. Any doctor that is not honest in any way should be removed from this site IMO.

I would advise paleocapa89 to take meds to achieve the best long term results. It would seem the end result would be obvious without them given your stated family history and loss pattern.
paleocapa89, please give your result some more time to pan out since that will be the best way to determine the true outcome . This does not change the fact you were or were not treated properly. I do not doubt your word. I do welcome any evidence you choose to put forth to contradict what the doctor has said as it will serve to inform other people who will read this. Keep us updated.
Good luck to you !

12-05-2017, 02:19 PM
How can this Dr still be recommended on this site?